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Gospower's Benefit and Welfare

With the constant and stable development of our company, Gospower would provide enployees who are willing to develop together with company with below benefits and welfare:

  • Spacious and bright office, comfortable working space with Wifi covered;

  • Competitive salary: basic salary+performance bonus+stock; 

  • Welfare: official paid holiday, annual paid leave, social insurance and house fund, accident insurance, holiday welfare, seniority allowance, physical examination; 

  • ESOP: the special enployee stock ownership plan letting our people to share the productive achievement;

  • Promotion: we got open and fair promotion system, protect and encourage technical innovation and breakthrough;

  • Staff Activities: rich prizes in annual meeting, group travel, outdoor activities and etc;

  • Household Relocation: Gospower will handle the procedures of setting down in Shenzhen for the graduates who meet policy requirement.

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