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Great R&D Capability

In pursuit of sustainable development and competitive edge, Gospower persists in R&D as leading forces and advanced technology investment to cohere a R&D team which masters high electronic technology, our engineers are well- experienced in the fields of telecom and high frequency power supply. We devote to develop high-tech products with independent intellectual property, establish and complete a technology platform and R&D system. Over decades of hard work and persistence, Gospower has more than 1000 models of power supplies. Rely on great R&D capability and complete power supply technical pltform, we may push out new reliable and cost-effective products to the market rapidly to meet customers' demand and help them get there early among the keen competitions.

Advantage of Technical Platform

 · More than 150 R&D engineers in the center, one-third of them have over 10 year’s experience in developing power supply.

 · The technology of power electronics is deeply understood, our engineers have well experience in ICT industry application.

 · We're interested in experience accumulation, digital control with power electronics, we hold more than 50 worldwide technical patents.

 · Gospower established an independent R&D platform, public technology platform and worldwide sourcing platform.

 · A R&D team consists of electrical research and development, structure design, application  research and development, software development, product validation, material validation, BOM, project management, safety approval and etc.  

Testing Lab and Equipment

Gospower has advanced and complete testing labs and equipments including EMC lab, EMS lab, DQE lab, environmental lab, design verification lab, performance testing lab and safety testing lab, etc.


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